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Womanizer - Wave

Womanizer - Wave

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This 2-in-1 pleasure stimulation shower head, now viral because of the Netflix ‘Risqué Business’ series, is the first ever combined shower head and water massage clitoral stimulator, uniting the expertise of bathroom experts, Hansgrohe, and pleasure leaders, Womanizer, to create a truly outstanding crossover – the pleasure shower head.

Touchless stimulation with the natural element water allows you to explore your body in a totally unique way. A variety of settings takes you on a journey towards peaks of pleasure, WITHOUT the overstimulation like standard shower heads. PleasureJet and PleasureWhirl settings stimulate the clitoris, while the PowderRain setting provides a luxurious shower. All settings are finely honed by market-leading bathroom manufacturers, Hansgrohe, for optimum performance. Wave can be used as a regular shower head or as a pleasure toy. Discreet and stylish, Wave functions as a high-quality shower head while also serving as a unique provider of exquisite orgasms. Simple controls - Flick between settings using the single-button control to choose between an opulent shower or an intense water-driven orgasmic stimulation. Intensity slider - Smooth change of intensity with Wave’s intuitive slide adjuster, meaning you can go from teasing to intense totally effortlessly.

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How To Install Wave: Universal fit that is compatible with any standard handheld shower head connection. For fixed shower heads, an adapter or hose connection kit makes install just as easy. Fixed Shower Head Install (adapter; hose sold separately).

How To Use: 1. Install Womanizer Wave easily by affixing to your existing shower hose. 2. Switch between the PowderRain setting for a luxurious shower to sensual massage with PleasureWhirl and powerful pulsation with PleasureJet. 3. Use the ergonomic shower head in one hand for effortless stimulation. 4. Use the intensity slider on the shower head for stepless adjustment and add variation to the water pressure. 5. Enjoy thrilling new sensations using the natural power of water on your body.

Dimensions: 88 x 73 x 270 mm| Material: ABS

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