Linda Koontz

I love helping people, especially women, which is what drew me to the intimacy industry.

It started from my attending my first ‘Toy Party’ in 2006 – after seeing the demand for these types of parties and products, I knew that I had to dive in. I love helping women feel confident in their own skin and assisting them with their ‘wants’ & ‘needs’ in the bedroom – whether it’s in a relationship with a partner or themselves! My goal is to present my clientele with a variety of cleaner, greener and more natural products. Bringing the best of bath, beauty, enhancements, and bedroom accessories. This includes lingerie to cover curves of all sizes!

Dedicated to education, I strive to bring you the latest on products to increase your sensual satisfaction. Looking for something in particular or have a product question? Ask me discretely by filling out a form on my Contact Page. When contacting me, please allow 24 hours for me to respond.

My business is run online, as well as with virtual and in-home parties (for those that are over the age of 18 and identify as women only). I do wear many hats behind the scenes of Good Vibes by Linda…those hats include CEO, Intimacy Advisor, Product Presenter, Secretary, Warehouse Manager (receiving, packaging & shipping) and Accountant. In addition, I run my personal household which includes a handsome Veteran hubby, a dependent (who shouldn’t be) adult son and two very needy (but so darn cute) dogs and a bearded dragon. 

I am so grateful for your loyalty to support my business! Sending you good vibes always, Linda

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