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Good Vibes By Linda

Pulse Queen

Pulse Queen

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Putting the magic back into wands, the Pulse Queen offers a completely new kind of sensation. Rather than the vibrations you’ve come to expect from your toys, it delivers deep and bassy oscillations! It’s truly like nothing you have ever experienced before. The Pulse Queen is extremely versatile and great for those who are new to toys as well as to those who love their power – power queens and newbies rejoice!

PulsePlate Technology™ uses powerful oscillations completely new to the sex toy industry. This leads to a unique experience for people who want to take their orgasms to the next level, but it also gives those who struggle with conventional sex and masturbation the chance to once again enjoy pleasure.

Another great thing about oscillations is the range that can be achieved. The Pulse Queen starts off really gentle, perfect for those new to toys; and builds to an intense crescendo when you hit the higher settings. Many rave about the soft, yet firm 'squish' of the vibrating plate and how they don't feel the vibrations in the handle (no more numb hands). 

Designed to hug your body for the perfect fit, Pulse Queen is extremely versatile and can be used in any position. Why not try lying on this toy and let it do all the hard work?

It's waterproof! Take it for a spin in the shower or the tub (can be submerged up to 3ft) - the high amplitude beats will feel equally as pampering as the bubbles. 

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Dimensions: 2.17×2.17×7.09 In | Weight: 6.17 oz

Run time: 40 min

Do not plug rechargeable toys into a fast charge box higher than 5V as it will short out.

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