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Good Vibes By Linda

Sexy Spreader Sling

Sexy Spreader Sling

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Maximize your physical potential and push past your boundaries. This spreader sling reduces leg fatigue and lower back pressure. The neck strap and durable nylon straps with ankle/foot cuffs provide secure leg support, preventing fatigue and allowing you to fully engage in intense play. The adjustable straps keep your legs open, allowing for ultimate pleasure and G stimulation during penetration. Can be used different ways: 

  • keep your legs open 
  • use as chair cuffs (lengthen straps under a chair and bring cuffs up to either side)
  • position neck strap around a bed post
  • use as door jam cuffs (put the neck strap into a door jam and close/lock the door) to keep your lover standing 
  • keep a comfortable and secure grip at any length, by positioning the neck strap around your lover's waist to help with grip fatigue
  • great for stretching the hamstrings (pilates) 
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