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Good Vibes By Linda

Coochy Shave Cream (various scents)

Coochy Shave Cream (various scents)

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Discover a shaving experience like no other with Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream. Bid farewell to cuts, nicks, scrapes, and razor irritation. Our exceptional formula incorporates a unique conditioner and moisturizing complex that effortlessly glides for an incredibly smooth shave. Your intimate area will express its gratitude! What distinguishes us: Our conditioner and moisturizing complex guarantees optimal lubrication and razor glide. Jojoba Seed Oil creates a protective barrier, sealing in moisture for your skin. Unlike competing products, Coochy doesn't have unnecessary foaming agents. (7.2 oz)

PRO TIP: Prepare your skin for shaving by soaking and exfoliating with our Ultra Hydrating Body Scrub and follow up with Coochy After Shave Protection Mist for additional irritation protection.

  • Frosted Cake: Infused with a delightful blend of vanilla, butter cream & lilacs 
  • Seduction: Infused with sweet honeysuckle, a fruity twist & a hint of honey
  • Fragrance-Free: Clean & fresh. Add your fav essential oil to create your unique scent. 
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